Rush FAQs

What is Rush?

Rush is a period of time (usually at the beginning of the quarter) in which Greek organizations host events in an effort to recruit new members. Rushing for KPL is non-obligatory, meaning you don't have to be committed to join even after attending some rush events.

Just relax and have fun with us! Kappa Phi Lambda hosts many kinds of events during rush week to suit your schedule and interests, including general interest meetings (GIM), spa nights, dinners, and even service events.

General Interest Meetings are held so that you can learn about us--our sisterhood, our contributions to society, and our values. The other events are for us to get to know YOU better, so come on out and get to know us!

What is an Interest Rush?

An interest rush is similar to a traditional rush but for anyone who is interested in learning more about our sorority. We host rush events, general interest meetings, and service events.  The interest rush is non-obligatory and free. 

Do I have to be Asian to join?

NO YOU DO NOT! Kappa Phi Lambda has sisters representing many different ethnicities, languages, and cultures.

We seek new members who are passionate about being part of a community and upholding our pillars of Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity.

What is a Bid? How do I get one?

A bid is an invitation to begin the New Member process for Kappa Phi Lambda. To be eligible for a bid, you must attend 1 General Interest Meeting (GIM) during rush plus 2 other rush events. Additionally, you must attend an interview.

We will only give bids to those who truly believe in our mission and our desire to create positive change both within and outside of the Denver community.

The interview is the final decision process, and you will be notified shortly afterwards if you have been given a bid.

You will have 24 hours to accept it, if you should receive one.

What is the New Member Process?

If you are given a bid and accept, you become a Potential New Member (PNM) of KPL. It is the most important part about our sisterhood.

Our new member process is designed to prepare you to be a strong, influential sister and leader for a lifetime. The new member process challenges you and allows you to learn more about yourself, your line sisters, and the sisters and sorority of Kappa Phi Lambda. As with anything meaningful and everlasting, it requires your time and dedication. However, in the end, you will be confident, strong, and a part of an eternal sisterhood with 3,000+ sisters at over 32 active schools across the country.

What makes KPL different from other Asian organizations?

We are a sorority. The friendships made within Kappa Phi Lambda are eternal and last a lifetime. Our sisterhood is spread across the nation, from Denver to Texas, Florida to New York, and many schools in between.

We strive for academic excellence. We contribute to our community in many ways, whether through hands-on service or philanthropy. We seek to educate our members and our community about important issues facing our communities today. What sets Kappa Phi Lambda apart from any other organization, though, is the potential for every sister to become a leader and make a difference, our strong connections to Kappas at other schools, and the determination and drive of every member.

What are the requirements to join?

Kappa Phi Lambda has very high standards for their sisters because we expect them to be exemplary characters on and off campus--and these standards apply to those who want to join as well.

Although DU's GPA minimum for Greek life is 2.0, you must have above a 2.75 cumulative GPA to join.

Additionally, during our rush we require that you attend 1 General Interest Meeting, 2 additional events, and an interview.

ALL of these requirements MUST be met to even be considered for a bid

to start the New Member Process for Kappa Phi Lambda.

What are your fees?

Because Greek organizations at University of Denver do not receive funding from the school, we do have membership fees. Each quarter, there is a fee that goes towards Kappa Phi Lambda at DU, and twice a year members pay a fee towards Kappa Phi Lambda nationally. These fees are very reasonable and affordable.

If you are worried about fees, please talk to any Kappa for specific details. We also have opportunities for payment plans, scholarships, and fundraising.

Why Kappa Phi Lambda?

With Kappa, there is never a dull moment. Our sisterhood is so much more than an extra-curricular activity, it's an opportunity for lifelong friendships, leadership building, networking opportunities, and so much more. When you join Kappa, you commit to being part of something bigger than yourself--something that helps the well-being of local communities, that prepares you for life after college, and that supports you through thick and thin.

As one of the largest Asian-interest sororities in the nation, Kappa provides many opportunities for travel, for career development, and for building everlasting friendships nationwide through mixers, retreats, and conferences. Make your college experience well-rounded and full of success with Kappa Phi Lambda!


Noire Lin *Sirani* & Collette Hong *HEALER*